Is Your Handgun Safe? Will it Accidentally Fire if Dropped?

The most basic safety feature of any gun should be that it fires only if its user so intends.  No gun should fire accidentally because it has been bumped or dropped.  Yet, that is exactly what happened to one of LSP’s clients, Louise Burrow.  When Mrs. Burrow accidentally dropped her Rossi “38 Special” revolver (which was secured in a holster at the time), the gun fired and shot her in the knee.  Inspections by a noted gun expert have determined that the pistol’s internal safety devices, which should have prevented the “drop fire” incident, instead were defectively designed and made and thus allowed the accidental shot.

This safety defect is believed to exist not only in Mrs. Burrow’s gun, but also in all similar guns from Rossi. LSP’s Greg Brockwell, along with co-counsel, has filed a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer and will be seeking appropriate relief for all owners of these defective and unsafe products.

A copy of the lawsuit is available here: Complaint with Exhibits

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